Sometimes I think about you

Hey writer bees!

What follows is a very short and novice attempt at Christy’s Golden Shovel challenge (see her post and rules here).

This piece is inspired by singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves. Per GS rules, you’ll note that each of the words from the chosen lines of the song make up the last word of each phrase.

Keep it to yourself and If you think that you still love me are the lines from Keep it to yourself that have inspired the poem.

Remember that this is a work space and things can get messy and appear untidy. (Note: the phrasing format doesn’t show up correctly if you are viewing on a phone).

Gentle criticism is appreciated and helpful.  In fact, if you want to try your hand using the same words–feel free to do so in the comments!!

As always, thanks for reading and fluttering around with me. xo


Sometimes I think about you

Do threadbare memories of me keep
you wandering? That door. I left it
propped open and accessible to
magic and possibilities until you closed it yourself.

 What if
time flip-flopped and fate settled you,
nestled you, next to me–do you think
our days would be better? That
life would be sweeter and you
could forget the pain? And just being still
could set the day’s sun. Where my arms encourage you to love
yourself. Maybe even me.