Nutscene Twine


My favorite things


Vintage typewriters
Sheet music and poetry scribbles
Corkscrew curls
Grecian urns filled with ivy

White gravel roads
Citrine landscapes under azure skies
Busy bird feeders
Milkweed tufts nesting in terracotta pots

Champagne fluted calla lilies
Mountaintops and river bottoms
Sunlit dust particles
Solitary runs on my secret trail

When I look nice
When I capture someone’s spirit on camera
Squash blossoms
Wicker baskets full of lined leather journals

Nutscene Twine

Corrugated box
Charcoal lettered 1920s graphics
Lined with burlap
Untouched since last season

Perfect rows of woven jute
Muted tones of brick-red, olive-green and ivory
accentuated by a pewter scissors
grosgrain tied around the curved handle

I cut and wrap and fasten glossy green life
to a lifeless arbor
Teardrop rosebuds yield to my hands
blossom in response to support

These tasks comfort me
My mind is clear
My spirit generous
My heart is happy