Nesting Buddies

Scientific references reveal that hummingbirds consume more than half of their body weight in sugar every day. Did you also know that they are naturally territorial and drive away competitors and even suitors?

While the sugar consumption certainly applies to me, the territorial part does not.

My nest is your nest and I’m honored to share it with two other friends. This is our work space. We don’t have a posting schedule or a theme. It’s a place to spread our wings, stretch our writing boundaries and flutter around here when we aren’t living in our other nests. I wrote about each of these women on my primary blog (MamaMick) and have shared their stories below.

Christy from Running on Sober and Words for the Weekend and Words for the Year
Ironically, there are no words for what this chica means to me and whatever I write won’t be enough. Everyone needs a mom and even though she’s too young and hot to be my mom…she’s certainly played that nurturing role. She writes from the heart and reaches thousands of people who struggle with depression, addiction and life in general. She does so from a place of gratitude, bravery and authenticity. She also knows how to laugh, how to make ME laugh and has the knack at throwing a well-timed F-bomb. Super Power: Clairsentient Christy. She just knows.

Jennie at Daisies from Dust and Words for the Weekend and Words for the Year
You have to read her. Looking for humor? Life lessons? Gut-punching, heart-wrenching poetry? A place to sit, reflect and groom horses? Jennie has it all and I find a new adventure every time I visit. Like the favorite cousin I spent the summers with and we had way too much fun. Super Power:  Transcendence. I always end up smack dab in the middle of whatever tale she is weaving and have a hard time leaving.

Note: Christy and Jennie are the awesomesauce hostesses who let me play around on their sites (Running on Sober and Words for the Weekend). We are joined by fate, sisterhood and a deep, carnal love of sugar. Please visit their “about” pages to get the full scoop. I love them both!

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