Always a Hummingbird

“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.”
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


If you’re not a stranger and have visited my other blogs: MamaMick and Ps and Qs, thank you first and then a warning that this will be a little different than the sunshine and roses you’ve seen flourishing over there.

If we are just meeting for the first time–welcome and nice to see you! I’m not sure what it’s in store for us, but am always grateful to meet a new friend and never take your visits for granted.

Now for a standard list of side effects, warning and precautions (safety first!):

• This site is more private than public

• More cathartic than literate

• All fiction and poetry

And with that said…

• Flash Fiction has my fingers itchy as I already anticipate a future addiction

• Damn it–I’m gonna figure out how to write believable character dialogue

•It’s experimental, not practiced and it’ll be bad in the beginning

•I don’t know “how” to write poetry

What a hot mess this is going to be!

If you know my parents–please throw shiny objects at them so they will look the other way. Same goes for my husband–he worries enough about me the way it is. I can’t imagine I’ll get too far off the beaten path, but it’s nice to have that naughty option when I’m in a mood.

Your kind words are always welcome, but don’t be afraid to be honest and provide constructive criticism. My other blogs are for love and this space is for in the trenches learning. Be candid, not afraid to hurt my feelings and I’ll love and appreciate you even more than I already do. We’d never write anything worthwhile if we weren’t afraid to let it be horrible first.

That’s it for now. Eventually I’ll make this post my “about page.” But, that comes later…I have stories to feed and poems to set free.



The Hummingbird

by Harry Kemp

The sunlight speaks. And it’s voice is a bird:

It glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard

Above the flower bed. Over the lawn …

A flashing dip and it is gone.

And all it lends to the eye is this —

A sunbeam giving the air a kiss.

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Sending heartfelt thanks across the universe to my fantastic and fearless friends Christy and Jennie. You ladies pushed me over the edge through your own brave examples and talented words. I don’t even have a scratch….yet. You Rock! XO