The Hummingbird
by Harry Kemp

The sunlight speaks. And it’s voice is a bird:

It glitters half-guessed half seen half-heard

Above the flower bed. Over the lawn …

A flashing dip and it is gone.

And all it lends to the eye is this —

A sunbeam giving the air a kiss.


I’m a fixer, a flutterer, a mutterer

 –a Mom.

I need a corner to call my own.

Where I can share some nectar, be a little bold

–Write the words

that hummingbird wings are trying to tickle out of my soul.


Thank you so much for stopping by. I love visitors! In fact, you are welcome to stop by my other blogs if you’re looking for something other than original poetry and fiction.

~~MamaMick:  A page to celebrate our imperfections and laugh at life’s mishaps (non-fiction). The best part about this blog are the compassionate followers and talented bloggers who stop by to add their two cents.

~~Ps and Qs: A page dedicated to classic poetry decorated with my amateur photography.


As always, my spaces are works in progress and am open to suggestions and ideas. WP readers rock!

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there.
    I read your submission to the speakeasy and got curious. Fun fact:I’m a newbie here too. A friend of mine (imab00kworm) has recently invited me to be co-writer on her blog. Honestly, feels nice to know I’m not the only new guy in town. I look forward to bumping into you during the next Speakeasy challenges.
    See you ’round

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