Born of Bud And Blossom

My friend brings the Spring on a day I needed it the most. Here’s a dose in case you need it, too.

Charissa's Grace Notes

Amongst the thorns so sharp and bristley-bitter
and nestled in the crackley canes and stems so brittle
I sprang from buds clenched tight with fright and gripping
their green possessive cloaks around their high strung hearts
so pink, so red, so soft and velvet fragrant
The sun pried without mercy, without quarter
and his hot fiery fingers plucked and pulled
and deep inside those shrouding shawls veridian
the pulsing surging petals pushed back hard
and cracked the sticky emerald shells of shame
To blossom in the air renewed by wand’ring winds
and sway and dance, be wooed by every chance, to bend
low to the ground and then high straining for the heavens
releasing me, the fragrance strong, unquenchable
of grace and beauty, peace and love and joy.
Yes.  I was born of bud and robust blossom
that fell away and left me hanging here
a kiss upon the cheek of…

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2 thoughts on “Born of Bud And Blossom

  1. Hi Marissa!
    Hello! Thank you for always being here. A great find indeed. Much like what I do at your site, I’ll binge read Charissa. I’ve told her before that my poetry reading (and writing) skills are not very sophisticated, but something about her work always speaks to me. She has such a grasp for cadence, and language, and themes…it’s easy to fall into her rabbit hole, and not surface until all of the adventures are discovered. Ha! See what I did there 😉
    NOW – I’m off to see what you’ve been up to this week. xo


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