Let’s lay down these restless bones

Let’s lay down these restless bones
with chamomile
and comfortable silence
Poetry from Mary
and wisdom from Anne
warm blankets and chocolate
and prayers and gratitude

But, if that doesn’t work
then scrub the toilets
plant some seeds
you chop down the God-damned trees
And run, oh, you can run!
Until the knees give out
and your pen runs dry

Why can’t you lay down these restless bones?
Grab my shoulders
Yank my hair
Look me dead in the face
and silence the monkey mutter
with a promise in your eyes
and the same on your lips

Please, help me lay down these restless bones
Place my head in your lap
Trace your fingertips on my face
Caress my lashes
and tell me that the sleep will come
Will the sleep ever come?
Please tell me that sleep will eventually come

13 thoughts on “Let’s lay down these restless bones

  1. I demand the immediate removal of the word “almost” from the category tag!! I simply won’t have you insult that word with a true poem such as this.

    The secret is out now, lil mama!! Ima be expectin some company in the world of poems and persimmons that I walk in with my head in the clouds and my hands tearing at that velcro that holds those bones stuck to you!

    The sleep will come…but then the wake and oh without the ache…without the ache!
    Love, Charissa


    • You are so kind…and demanding!! Lol!
      I am almost ready to remove the “almost” tab, but I’m still learning and comfortable in the almost space 🙂
      All that said, this actually felt like a poem and I read it out loud (like you recommended). I read it out loud and played with the words until it had the staccato I was looking for.
      Thank you for taking the time to read. It means the world to me! Xo

      Ps: poems and persimmons…what a sweet world 🙂

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      • Yaaaayyyyyyyy! I am soo thrilled that you used that method.

        Sometimes all poems want is their hair brushed and sometimes they need their roots done. Sometimes they want to change their shoes and sometimes the whole outfit.

        At any rate, this really was good, both in emotional quotient and in technique too. Loved it


      • Yes for sure! And I believe perhaps the essence of Grace is just that : making the difficult appear easy.

        Michelle, giggles, I have sometimes been lost in a new poem for hours only to emerge with a few different rhymes, or a line-length/word adjustment, or a rhythm issue resolved without messing things up in other places.

        My baby just shakes her head, cus I will forget to eat even!


  2. Are you freaking kidding me?
    Holy crap girl! This is beautiful!!!
    Yes sleep will eventually come, but work that Muse of Insomnia for all she’s worth. 🙂
    One of my favorite pieces. Ever.
    Printing this one out.


    • Yay! So glad you liked it. But, I know why you do–you fellow insomnia sufferer!! It’s a constant battle but full of gifts where writing is concerned–I’ve seen some of your best at those times, too.
      I’m four straight nights (or more) of less than 4 hours of sleep. The world seems to sit surreal at my fingertips. I heard the song “Some Nights” in the car yesterday and the line about the martyr in his bed calming his bones stayed with me all day. I had to find a way to use “bones.” The words “restless bones” were repeating in my head when I woke up at midnight and lingered until I finally got up and wrote it down. So much fun to compose. AND…I felt refreshed after writing.
      Perhaps sleep will come tonight…even if the hair yank is absent 😉
      Love you!


      • I love when a song won’t let go…it just wiggles and worms it’s way into our words.

        Quick funny for you…I was watching the Americana Music Awards and discovered a new band:

        St. Paul and The Broken Bones

        Like a white James Brown band. But I love their name, and then I saw your post with restless bones….

        🙂 love you too! Hope you sleep long and well.


      • There goes that universe yanking our hair again!
        St. Paul and The Broken Bones…there is just something soothing about the words “bones.” I noticed it when I watched the movie “All of the Lovely Bones”
        In fact, that reminds me–I should read that book while I’m laying on the beach next week 😉

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      • Yes! I read that last year…I’m eager to see the movie.
        For whatever reason, it took me several weeks to get through the book. She wrote it so well, that I was physically exhausted when I read about the physical pieces of the hike. Not to mention her emotional journey!
        I recommended it to my sister in law who lost her mom a couple of years ago…she was actually offended that I thought she would like it. Still scratching my head on that 🙂


  3. Beautiful and then lots (some didn’t seem sufficient). Sleep may be hard to come by at times, but if this is a byproduct of insomnia, it’s something more than curse. Still, I wish for more poems, but under different circumstances. Hope you find sleep and peace tonight.


    • Hi Kristen!
      You popped into my head yesterday and now, here you are!
      Thank you for your kind words…this was a lot of fun to write and oddly enough, it seemed to work. I slept clear through 4:30 this morning and that’s the latest (and best) I’ve slept in days.
      I hope you are doing well and had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks to you, I still have a “grandma” post marinating in my head…perhaps it’ll come during my next bout of insomnia 😉

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