Who cooks for you?

Silent swoop
ghost wings
liquid orbs

Hiding from my lens
your daily inquiry

Who cooks for you?

Tiffany blue
framed in
boisterous branches

I wait for your call

Who cooks for you?
Who cooks for you all?


I didn’t get my entry submitted in time, but here’s the challenge I participated in and decided to hitchhike at the end. Click on the Year Write Me icon and see the fabulous entries in this week’s challenge.

In 42 words, answer the question: What is that sound?

Do you know?

5 thoughts on “Who cooks for you?

  1. One of my favorite sounds in the world, Michelle…barred owl. I’ve always thought that “who cooks for you” is such a weighty mnemonic — loaded with all kinds of potential metaphor. This is wonderful. Congrats on your first Gargleblaster. It’s a winner!


    • Yay! I knew someone would know that sound 🙂
      I have a family of them in my trees. When I heard the big daddy hooting while he watched me garden, I knew I had the answer to the gargleblaster question. If only I could photograph him!!! Thanks for stopping by and making my day, Meg 🙂


      • Oh, thank YOU. I haven’t heard a barred owl in a really long time–that song is a fond memory. When I was little, we had a field behind our house and lots of owls. I know we have them in Pigspittle, but I never hear or see them. You are so lucky! I hope someday you will be able to photograph him.


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